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4 Ways to use promotional umbrellas in Business

Promotional umbrellas are among the most popular giveaways for any business, of varying sizes. This is because, when made well, they are the longest-kept promotional product—an average of 14 months. Each umbrella generates more than 1,300 impressions, making them a great tool for your brand.


Here are four ways—besides the obvious day-to-day uses—to use these popular, effective client and employee giveaways.


Help customers make a statement:

If your target business client is fashion conscious and likes to make a stylish statement, a carefully selected umbrella, with your logo tastefully printed, can make a perfect business gift.


Perfect Photo Op Props:

Integrate your online and offline marketing strategies by creating impactful umbrellas and starting a digital marketing campaign with clients and staff using them! Have a competition for the best, most creative photo with your umbrellas being used - this can bring life to an otherwise standard photo op for all types of customers, and this can effectively combine your online and offline brand awareness activities.


Remind clients you’re stable, consistent and trusty when in stormy weather:

Get a storm-proof and wind proof umbrella to project the right brand values for your business – a really sturdy, good quality promotional gift like this reminds your customers that you’re always there when you need them.


Build brand ambassadors in your employees:

Umbrellas are an incredibly flexible giveaway. Give one to each of your employees and use them to market your business for free, while showing them you care about their comfort.

Branded umbrellas are an exceptionally well-received product once gifted. They are highly likely to be passed to another user if the consumer already has a functional personal umbrella, and they are unlikely to be thrown away within a short period of time, due to the help it provides in outdoor activities. Used creatively and effectively, they provide an invaluable brand awareness tool.

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