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Promotional Umbrellas: The Ultimate Brand Exposure For your Business

Promotional products are an essential factor of any marketing strategy to drive traffic to your business, bring new leads and keep your brand in front of your target audience. More than any other form of advertising, everyday items like umbrellas are a proven item in the line of promotional product for every type of business.

Find the Best Models

Umbrellas are available in a wide range of models and colors. Choose a unique model to attract some attention for your business. Umbrellas are an ideal way to show off your brand colors, logo, and some companies even allow imagery to be printed on both sides! The bold and large canopy will let your brand be seen from all angles, and will capture the eye of the public. Umbrellas remain prominent even in busy crowds - which gives them a great visibility.

Useful gifts get a high retention rate

Umbrellas are incredibly useful. Everyone needs them to stay safe from adverse weather, and they are an item you'd be loathe to throw away.  Your brand and message imprinted on custom umbrellas essentially creates a walking billboard for your business. Think of some fun graphics that will get all eyes on to your brand. Choose Promotional umbrellas from a wide range of models and sizes to fit the needs of your clients.

High visibility

Promotional umbrellas will draw attention wherever it travels and will help your customers remember your business. Wherever you are, and whatever your industry, promotional umbrellas are a fantastic option for promotional gift items.


Umbrellas not just tick the boxes of promotional items but make great party favors and event gifts as well. Whether you use them as  creative wedding favors, a clever fundraising items - custom umbrellas can generate a lot of interest.